Sohum is a unique device & system solution to do mass screening of newborns for hearing loss in resource-poor settings to prevent speech loss.

Creating awareness of
timely screening

A majority of the Indian population believes that if a person is hearing impaired they can’t speak. Creating awareness about the criticality of timely screening is a part of our focus.

Developing affordable technology

After doing an immersive research we boiled it down to five unique must-have features for Sohum to perform in resource constrained settings around the world and built these into the device.

Building an
after-care cycle

We have a unique audiologist network to assist our device. Every child tested positive will be referred to Sohum certified audiologist. In this way, interventions will be ensured and measured with follow-ups.

About Sohum

The need for hearing screening of newborns came out immersive research in medical facilities in resource poor settings during Nitin’s fellowship at Stanford India Biodesign.
After the fellowship, we incorporated Sohum Innovation lab to develop & implement the solution. We have an advisory board, with experienced faculties in business, medicine and engineering in US (Stanford) and India (IIT, IISc and AIIMS). When we are not traveling globally, forming partnerships and consulting experts, we are in Bangalore.
  • Developing affordable technology

    The solution performs in noisy settings, reduces the risk of sedation of baby, doesn’t need disposables and is easy to sterilize and reuse.

  • Building an aftercare cycle

    We have formed a professional network of audiologist/ ENT professionals to do aftercare for the hearing impaired newborns.

  • Creating awareness

    We have started implementing our awareness solution “Baby’s first year” calendar in multiple Indian languages in both mobile and print media to increase awareness...

How can you help?

You can help bring Sohum to all children, no matter where they are born.